Aviation law covers almost all legal issues affecting aircraft and airport operations, including aircraft navigation and maintenance, air traffic control safety, and pilot licensing requirements India has become the third largest domestic aviation market in the world and is expected to overtake UK to become the third largest air passenger market by 2024. With the announcement of UDAN scheme in 2017 India’s civil aviation market has gained an excellent pace due to great increase in the number of airports and operations. 
Our practices in the aviation sector include cases before the Airports Economic Regulatory Appellate Tribunal, which lays down rules for tariff determination of aviation services in our nation. We advise on regulatory compliances, foreign investments & FDI approvals, Import and export control laws, offset policy. 
Our services also include drafting, reviewing and documentation of all sorts of agreements with Indian as well as overseas partners. We also perform arbitration; indulge in making license agreements and appeal of all administrative decisions.