Shepherd Law Associates

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SLA is a trying to make some much needed changes in the legal industry. It is making all endeavors to ensure that the work environment remains healthy, happy and focuses on the mental health of our staff.

Life at SLA

The term Shepherd can be traced back in history including the bible and is often used to suggest as we draw a comparison that at SLA aim to guide everyone who is with us to the righteous/legal path and would protect their rights and interests to the best of our abilities.

SLA is growing aggressively and is today a full service firm having separate litigation and corporate wings. SLA has clientele from all across India, UAE, Singapore, USA and Canada.

SLA is founded with the intention to bring a revolutionary change in the way the young generation looks at the legal industry and also focuses on the ease of convenience for our clientele. It is started with the idea to bring small changes and try to reduce the challenges faced in the legal industry both by lawyers as well as clients.

We work with professionalism, ethics and an understanding that the bond with SLA not just starts and ends with a job or an assignment but is a lifelong bond we create as a work family. We intend to be aggressive in our approach towards work and growth both personally as well as professionally and yet reachable in our approach towards our clients and colleagues.

Be a part of the SLA family for your own growth and leadership mindset. While we expect you to make us better and we hope for your commitment and passion towards your profession for us to bring out the best in you.

Now that you know the basics, click through the sample intern job descriptions below. Use these samples as templates, then customize them to fit your company and the internship position you’re offering.

Recruitments at SLA

1. SLA focusses on assessment internships and most of the Associates at SLA are consumed through internships. One of the best ways to be recruited is to show your potential and we will take up the responsibility of training you and recruiting you

2. SLA often creates posts for recruitments, based on the requirement of the team or expansions in a particular field, posts of recruitment are created. Applicants are most welcome to apply for the particular field as and when an opportunity comes.

3. Job seekers can send their CVs at and allow us to reach back at you as and when an opportunity arises.

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